Bio-safety cabinet certification

Bio-safety cabinet certification consists of the following tests:

  • Pressure decay / Soap bubble / Tracer gas leak
This test on exterior surfaces of all plenums determines whether welds, gaskets, plenum penetrations, and seals are free of leaks.
  • HEPA Filter Leak
This test determines the integrity of downflow and exhausts HEPA filters, filter housings, and filter mounting frames. The cabinet shall be operated within ± 3.0 ft/min of the nominal set point, with the exception of the downflow HEPA filters.
  • Noise Level
The noise level shall be determined with the cabinet operating at the nominal set point velocities.
  • Lighting Intensity
The lighting intensity at the work surface shall be determined with a background lighting Intensity in the room of 10 ± 5 ft-candles (110 ± 50 lux) at the work surface elevation.
  • Personnel, Product, and Cross-Contamination Protection
These tests determine whether aerosols will be contained within the cabinet, outside contaminants will not enter the cabinet work area, and aerosol contamination of other equipment in the cabinet will be minimized.
  • Stability 
The cabinet shall be designed and constructed to resist overturning and distortion under applied forces, resist deflection of the work surfaces under load, and resist tipping under workload.
  • Downflow Velocity 
This test measures the velocity of air moving through the cabinet work space 4 in (10 cm) above the bottom edge of the window.
  • Inflow Velocity  
This test determines the measured and calculated inflow velocity through the work access opening and the calculated exhaust flow volume rates.
  • Airflow Smoke Patterns  
Smoke patterns shall be determined with the cabinet operating at the nominal set point velocities.
  • Drain Spillage trough Leakage  
This test demonstrates the containment capability of the spillage trough under the work surface.
  • Motor/Blower Performance 
This test demonstrates that the motor/blower will operate at a static pressure.
  • Electrical Safety
The cabinet shall conform to the requirements of UL 61010A-1.
  • Performance Data
The manufacturer shall provide a performance data sheet with each cabinet. The following quality control tests shall be conducted:
– Pressure decay / soap bubble / tracer gas leak.
– HEPA filter leak.
– Downflow velocity
– Inflow velocity.
– Airflow smoke patterns.
– Noise (on every tenth unit).
– Lighting (on every tenth unit).
– Vibration (on every tenth unit).