Construction & Infrastructure

Construction/Civil Engineering
VQC Quality Control will design, review and establish quality assurance programs for all phases of pre-planning and execution to ensure compliance with both client/user and regulatory requirements.

The Quality Plan:
The Quality Plan provides the mechanism for verification and assurance that all activities affecting quality are accomplished in accordance with client/user specifications, drawings, and procedures. The Project QCP provides for inspections, tests and controls necessary to achieve the specified quality objectives. It identifies personnel, procedures, controls, instructions, tests, records and forms to be used.

The Test Matrix:
VQC writes and tracks the list of necessary tests that should be executed during construction, according to client/user specifications, local standards and regulations.

Inspection during execution: 
VQC escorts the project and assures that all work is in compliance with latest local building standards and Client specifications and according to design. VQC provides the relevant quality check lists, monitors quality real-time and collects performance data.

Supervising material delivery and storage on site:
VQC verifies that all incoming materials conform to Client specifications. VQC ensures incoming materials are manufactured according to specified standards, tracks certificates of origin and ensures that storage conditions meet specifications.

Management of SOR (Site Observation Report) Log:
VQC establishes a monitoring program that manages, follows-up and logs non-conformances during construction and compiles them in a Site Observation Report. We use tools such as these and many others to capture performance data for client analysis, providing periodic performance updates of quality activities on site. SOR Logs include matrices and graphs about non-conforming activities on site and make it simple for the client to track and obtain the latest information about the project.

Technical solutions on site:
VQC Engineers provide clients with a wide range of technical and engineering support across all disciplines.  We will help our client to find the most efficient solution based on: budget, schedule and execution. We identify gaps, perform risk assessments, suggest and design controls and offer creative solutions for possible deficiencies.

Warranty period:
VQC provides services after facility occupancy. VQC engineers manage, track and verify the closure of the open issues during the warranty period. We will coordinate all the activities between the owners / facilities operators and the contractors in order to simplify the repair and maintenance phase.