Food Industry Quality Services:

VQC provides QA/QC and quality management solutions to support compliance programs for food safety and quality.

Mandated by the FDA and the USDA such as HACCP procedures and ISO 22000-based food safety management systems are the basis for many quality and compliance programs in the food and beverage industry.

Leading food and beverage companies have benefited by implementing VQC food quality management solution in the following ways:

  • Ensuring the highest quality and safety of products
  • Limiting brand of food-borne illness events
  • Improving supplier product quality
  • Reducing product waste and downtime
  • Reducing costs of regulatory compliance
  • Ensuring currency and integrity of quality documents
VQC Food & Beverage services includes:
  • Determining the Critical Control Points to control identified hazards.
  • Establishing the critical limits that must be met at each identified hazard.
  • Establishing procedures to monitor Critical Control Points (CCP).
  • Establishing corrective action to be taken when there is a deviation identified by monitoring a CCP.
  • Establishing effective record-keeping systems to document the TQM / HACCP plan.
  • Compressed Air testing and validation.
  • Engineering consulting for ongoing failures.
  • Analytical, chemical and microbiological testing at various processing steps.
  • Raw Material testing.