LSS – Life Safety Systems

The VQC LSS division consists of electrical engineers and technicians who specialize in LSS and low voltage systems.

QA/QC process involvement for LSS projects:
  • VQC will perform all inspections and tests in accordance with site Work control processes and permitting procedures as defined by master                                                       specifications and LSS owners.
  • VQC engineers Inspect and test all Life Safety System components, such as:
o   MDA sensors,
o   Detection,
o   Strobes Detection
o   LSS wiring,
o   Cables,
o   Perm alert,
o   Gas leak sensors,
o   Smoke detectors,
o   Emergency doors,
o   MDA system connections,
o   Breathing air,
o   Fire Alarm,
o   Command centers connected to all Life Safety Systems, etc.