Natural Gas

VQC provides Total Quality Solutions (TQS) to the natural gas industry.

Our inspectors perform field QA/QC and manage the quality for all work related to the transportation and distribution systems of the natural gas including:

  • Quality Plan Preparation (QAP)
         - Writing a quality plan that will meet the quality requirements of our customer specification and /or local code regulation.
  • Incoming Materials Inspection
         - Including chemical composition and compliance of the material to its use
- Verification that the material meets the relevant codes and standards
- Materials meet the drawings and details.
  • Source Inspection
        - Storage handling and manufacturing condition of the upcoming materials in the manufacturer’s facility and verification that all required manufacturing conditions are maintained to achieve the highest quality performance of the material to be used.
  • Establishment of Site Work Procedure
        - Writing and enforcing quality procedures before and during installation, as well as those used in final verification inspections and testing.
  • Design Review
        - Review of the design plans from a qualitative point of view.
  • Contractors Orientation and Training
        - Welders qualification.
        - Brazing and soldering of copper piping.
        - Carbon steel welding.
  • Installation Inspection
        - Escorting the project during installation and identifying quality issues “real time”.
  • Welding Inspection
       - Welds inspection according to the relevant codes and specifications - NDT
  • Pressure and Hydrostatic Test
        - Engineering calculation of required pressure.
        - Verified compliance to our customer requirements and specifications.
        - “Trouble shooting”.
  • System Handover
        - Final documentation and engineering report.