SQMA is a VQC developed, centralized, proprietary, cloud-based Quality Management Software platform that tracks large construction quality data, automatically producing the specified metrics, deploying intelligent routing to create a consistent feedback loop, while delivering customized workflow driven project quality indicators for real-time data driven decision making and performance tracking.

The benefits to our Clients

Lowered Costs & Improved Cost Control

Improve time to start-up, increase successful qualification & system integration, reduce schedule fluctuations and missed deliverables on projects of all scales - from single subsystem installation through complete facility construction.

Project Integration & Smoother Process Flow

Interconnect between project phases – from source inspection through fit-up to commissioning, deficiencies captured real time as they occur to enable real time rectification and follow through, system integrity and performance tracked throughout process with analytics and indicators published to all relevant stakeholders

Transparency, Empowerment & Continuous Improvement

Intelligent routing ensures all stakeholders are in-the-know as each quality module is executed, analytics, trends and performance supplied with simplified visual indicators for on-the-spot decisioning, facilitating reduction in errors and deficiencies based on trended data for continuous improvement.

Quality improvement requires a mix of know-how, methods and tools. VQC’s SQMA provides a powerful tool that uniquely combines new generation Quality software, modular execution, unique project customization, simplified quality event tracking and process indicators that facilitate first-time-right fit-ups and subsequent start-ups.

Our Quality Solutions experts provide industry leading quality modules customized to any project in the high-tech sector, combining all engineering disciplines, to provide inspection and assurance for any component and overall system within the superstructure or infrastructure, utilizing the associated specifications and international standards to produce the best methods and practices yielding the most robust quality oversight.


In the field, Quality Assurance experts with interdisciplinary experience deploy inspection and test modules based upon an established project execution plan or mandated workflow, using SQMA to track and capture all relevant data and provide up-to-the-minute indicators on pre-determined targets to all the relevant stakeholders for data driven decisioning and event predecessor/successor tracking. Deficiencies are tracked through rectification while the physical verification process and mean time to completion captured within the published analytics.

Our tech experts make the whole thing work. They translate advanced analytics and metrics into visual indicators for facilitating the specified system integrity and performance and mitigating deficiencies. Furthermore, the proactive and preventive methods (best practices) can be deployed as practical industrial tools customized for any project.