Water Treatment / Wastewater

The VQC water specialists assist clients to manage water and optimize its use and recycling. We use emerging technologies in optimizing industrial process and waste water as well as their generation and treatment.

VQC can help to increase RO efficiency and reduce the burden on membranes and filters, while extending the life and minimizing the maintenance downtime of the water system. We can provide solutions for scale control in chilled water generation and in cooling water towers that extend the life of and improve the performance of key system components, leading to overall system performance efficiency. We can help eliminate costly, environmentally hazardous chemicals that are used to treat your source waters and are used to treat your process generated waste water, including biomasses and odorous treatment pools. We can help develop methodologies and show how your process generated waste water can be re-generated back into the process or production cycle at a significantly better quality than source waters.

Due to water being the main and key component of processing industries (as much as 60-90%) many countries and municipalities are now setting regulations to define percent water recycling requirements, increasing the stringency of treated water quality requirements. No matter how stringent water quality requirements may be or how extensive water generation/treatment system may be, VQC can improve system output, reduce operating costs and recycle waste, without compromising on process and product water quality.

RO Systems

  • Increase RO system efficiency and effluent.
  • Recycle concentrated waste.
Process Water Recycling
  • Rather than treating wastewater and dumping it back into the city sewer systems, recycle and re-route it back into the process water generation system at a superior quality to potable or source waters.
  • Recycling and re-routing for industrial water utility systems such as chillers and cooling towers.
  • Recycling and treatment for irrigation.
  • Latest in membrane and filter technology.
  • Increase filter efficiency while reducing filter load.
Water Treatment and Process Water Optimization
  • Eliminate unnecessary treatment steps and chemical additions upstream of RO.
  • Increase system efficiency.
  • Mitigate and/or eliminate membrane and filter fouling.
  • Extend system maintenance periods between successive maintenance cycles.
  • Improve effectiveness of physical, chemical and biological contaminants removal.
  • Regulate pH.
Industrial Water Treatment and Optimization
  • Mitigate and eliminate scale and corrosion of internal system components.
  • Improve influent and effluent water quality.
  • Regenerate and recycle industrial water minimizing waste.
  • Remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants.
  • Mitigate and eliminate chemical treatment.
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs.