The VQC electrical division comprises experienced electrical engineers from electrical sectors such as high voltage, power distribution, transformers, low voltage, renewable energy, etc.
Each project is handled as an individual case according to IEC and local standards.QA/QC process involvement for Electrical projects includes: Quality Plan Preparation (QAP)
  • Writing a quality plan that will meet the quality requirements of the customer specification and electrical national code regulation.
 Design Review
  • Review of the design plans from a qualitative point of view.
  • Survey all plans and drawings before installation while illuminating concerning issues.
 Incoming Materials Inspection
  • Inspect and bunch check of all material supplies before arrival on site and during installation.
  • Verify that the material meets the relevant codes and standards.
  • Verify that the materials meet the drawings and details.
 Source Inspection
  • Inspect equipment before installation at manufacturer's workshop and assure suitability to design and relevant codes and standards.
  • Storage, handling and manufacturing conditions of materials in the client’s facility and verification that required conditions of manufacturing are maintained to achieve the highest quality performance of the material to be used.
 Establishment of Site Work Procedure
  • Writing and enforcing quality procedures before and during installation, and for final verification.
Contractor Orientation and Training
  • Ensure all workers at site are certified and licensed by work grade.
 Installation Inspection
  • Escorting the project during installation and identifying quality issues in “real time”.
  • Insure installation is compliant to national electrical code and laws.
  • Insure installation is compatible with all project's specs and relevant standards.
  • Inspect and insure installation is compliant with planning and drawings.
  • Insure alterations to plans are executed under control.
Design Verification
  • Interface with designer engineer to insure all installations are compliant with the plans.
Certified Test
  • Provide accredited test for all facilities at any current and power size.
System Handover
  • QC final, DV and OAT of all construction items.
  • Final documentation and engineering report.