Fume Hood Certification

VQC has dedicated Fume Hood Certification Specialists to evaluate and certify fume hoods.  It is recommended that all fume hoods undergo an annual inspection and certification to ensure accurate functioning.

A service call by a Fume Hood Specialist includes the following:

  • Identifies the fume hood airflow requirements and ensure they are in accordance with the building HVAC system.
  • Verifies correct installation of the fume hood.
  • Ensures proper fume containment, airflow and exhaust discharge.
  • Provides "ASHRAE 110-1995-All Test" results and certifies hoods in compliance with established test criteria.
  • Checks Chemical Fume Hood Test Methodologies.
  • When purchasing a new fume hood, ensures you have the correct hood for your application.

ASHRAE 110 - 1995: Method for Testing Performance of Laboratory Fume Hoods - this approach is the quantitative measure of hood performance. This test is mandated by       ANSI Z9.5 for all new hood installations.LTMW 1105 SOP: This approach is comprehensive and provides a qualitative review of all factors that may impact hood performance. All procedures outlined in OSHA 1910.1450 as it relates to chemical fume hood testing, ANSI Z9.5 and ASHRAE 110 - 1995 (excepting tracer gas testing) are followed. A comprehensive report detailing hood performance vs. target performance, concerns and recommendations, original field checklists and equipment calibration certificates is provided. Recommendation: We recommend this method for annual chemical fume hood certification and preventative maintenance.

FVS - Face Velocity and Smoke Testing: This is a simple test following the methods of the ASHRAE 110 - 1995 Method and ANSI Z9.5 - 1992 Version. Face Velocity is recorded with real time data logging - the original data tape is included with the report. Large volume smoke challenge and low volume smoke tests are conducted, and the results recorded in the report. Recommendation: Semi-annual or quarterly checks between LTWM 1105 SOP annual certification.